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Für Elise (the hotel)

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1 Für Elise (the hotel) on Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:13 am

Für Elise


Several years ago, a hotel with 40 staff and over 300 guests were cut off from the world without warning. No one had left the building and no one inside was contactable since an unknown incident happened that day. Over the years, many had attempted to uncover the secrets of said hotel, but whoever went in never came out. There were those who attempted to use machines and animals to find out what happened inside, but all of them failed. Now, a new team of soldiers and paranormal professionals was formed to uncover the secret of this hotel of no return.

Chapter one

The adventure begins when the adventurers stepped into the projector. There, they were accompanied by a squad of eight soldiers, including one medic and one commander who recognizes the adventurers as professionals that they could count on for advice or combat aid or both. The soldiers were all in the same black urban operation combat uniform complete with gloves and combat boots and equipped with a black helmet, gas mask and bullet proof vest. Their weapons include a slung A.K.47 semi-automatic rifle, a handgun, a bayonet, a tear gas cannister, a smoke grenade and two high explosive grenades. Their miscellenous items includes a multi-purpose knife also used for remedying rifle jams, a torchlight, two days worth of ration, a two litres filled water bottle, a walkie talkie and a bandage wrap. The medic carries a medic pack including stretcher and I.V. drip.
Upon arrival, the first thing to notice was that the white walls, pillars and floor have multiple black stains in the shape of humans. The stains were a part of the wall like paint yet its content is non existent when examined using any scientific methods, but paranormal gauges will react to it (as well as the entire hotel itself).
When the story begins, the commander of the squad will brief the adventurers on the hotel's story and the mission which is to find any clues as to where all the missing people had been. After the briefing, the commander will have his squad spread out on high alert (with their rifles up) and search the area. One of them will come across a little girl whose head was lowered and sobbing into her hands. The soldier carelessly approaches, coaxing the girl and reached out before the girl lifted her head, grinned and grabbed the soldier's hand, saying "You're it" before she disappears. The sight was witnessed by most if not all, and the soldier in question (Soldier A) is in panic. The rest tried to calm him as he claimed to be hearing music but no one else could hear it. As another soldier (Soldier B) grabs Soldier A's arm, Soldier A no longer hears any music, but this time Soldier B does. The squad panics, but the commander calmed them and told everyone to gather, consolidating whatever data they had on the matter. As they discussed, Soldier B suddenly said "The music stopped". And in the next moment, his entire person vanished, leaving a black shadow of his previous form on the wall behind him. The soldiers panicked and backed away, when one of the soldiers (Soldier C) felt a hand on his shoulder. He immediately turned around to see the same little girl grinning at him, saying "You're it" before she disappeared. Soldier C, too, claims to hear music and this time, he was bent on touching someone else with a fervor. "I don't want to die!" he screams. Most of the other soldiers took to all directions, running as far away from the "it" as possible while the commander and Soldier C held each other at gunpoint...

The hotel:
The hotel has a total of twenty stories plus two basement. All levels are accessible by the staff lift at the southwest corner. The guest lifts are located at the northeast, northwest and southeast corners. It goes to all levels except basement 1.  
Basement 2 is the car park.
Basement 1 is housekeeping staff area including 2 offices, a cafeteria, a laundry area(linen room), a garbage room and 2 toilets side by side (male and female).
Level 1 is the main lobby. There are also multiple offices. There is a karaoke function room around the northwest and a bowling alley around the northeast.
Level 2 is reachable from level 1 via the 2 stairs positioned on the left and right of the main lobby. Level 2 has a karaoke room, a game room, a bar and multiple recreational rooms.
Level 3 to 19 are guest rooms. There are 20 rooms in each level and are mostly similar with a bedroom and a bathroom.
Level 20 is the penthouse. It has a large bedroom, a bathroom, a minibar and a balcony with dead potted plants.

No one can leave the hotel via any doors, windows, exits or holes, whether originally there or newly made. If they try, they will return to the hotel by the same way they left. All teleportation methods are interrupted and will not allow anyone or anything to leave the hotel, but teleporting within the hotel itself is possible.

Elise(the girl specter) will appear when there is no "it" and touch someone, appointing them as "it". Her target could be anyone including adventurers.
Elise is indestructible, unavoidable and overall invincible in the setting. She can teleport and is immune to any kind of attack including exorcism.
There will only be a maximum of one "it" at any given time.
When "it" touches somebody else's body with their own body (e.g. hand to chest), the next person becomes it. Clothing is an extension of body and will be counted, but handheld items like shields are not. Fabric torn from clothes, once it leaves the clothes, obviously do not count.
"It" will hear music play in their head. When the music stops, "it" will become a shadow. For the soldiers, they die for good. For the adventurers, they will be sent back to the manor as game over and cannot return to the hotel.
There is absolutely no way to determine who "it" is via magic or any paranormal means.
The music that plays in "it" 's head is Für Elise in carillons à musique (music box). This is an important clue.

Find a specific music box. This will not be told to the adventurers. The DM will decide a specific reachable place to hold the music box. The game ends when the music box is closed.
The music box is a light pink rectangular box twice the size of a fist. When opened, the music box does not play any music. The music box is open by default.

The music box itself is prize for beating the game. It is a murderous weapon that summons Elise and cuts an entire building off from the rest of the world, allowing anyone and anything to enter but none to leave. Elise is activated the moment the music box is opened and disabled when it is closed. The box is indestructible when opened and useless when closed. Destroying the closed box exorcises Elise. The box does not open outside of buildings and forcing it to will break it.

There are no additional enemies in the hotel. The purpose of this adventure is to have everyone fight everyone else out of fear. Because of how the objective is set, it is possible for anyone to complete the mission regardless of their power level or skills. At the same time, it is also possible for the party to be wiped out if nobody finds the music box.

Story of Elise:

Coming soon.

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