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Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon

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1 Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:17 am

Nyx blinked at first at the mans presence. He was powerful, and he had the smell of the void all over him. It was a simple guess as to how he got in but she was sure void travel was the answer. However she watched at the new members reactions. Domino seemed annoyed, Kiyoshi excited, Night was on guard. She turned her attention to Kiyoshi and put a hand on his head. "I will have to say no Kiyoshi. This man, it would be suicide for you to even try." She said simply glaring at the hooded one. "So tell me oh he with the hood and horns. Who is it that stands before us as so few little remain that know my tittle of the Night Dragon." The red hooded figure looked at her and chuckled. "I will simply say, another time, another place, another age you once stopped me from returning with my brother and sister. My name is Jack." Nyx raised her hand and around twenty spears of ice formed in mid air hovering around her. "please leave." She said simply. Jack laughed at this though. "You threaten(c)
me with spears of ice when once you threatened me with chaos, void and darkness, oh how the mighty have fallen." He laughed. "Though the ears and tails are a cute addition." he said still laughing.He then looked at Domino and laughed harder. "And you who barely has anything think your big and scary? Ha, you are an ant compared to me." Nyx gritted her fangs but she hoped no fight would occur at the moment. It would take to long to get to full power. Jack continued though looking towards Domino. "The Gods and Demons you Fear and Worship, They are Nothing to Me." He said putting emphasis on almost every word he said. (e)

Note to self Will from Fable 1 and Void Knight

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2 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Thu Aug 20, 2015 3:15 am

Night snickered at Domino's pain. However once he started spouting off about loving him she flipped him off and said. "Wrong but if your joining this guild it means I have to tolerate you and I can not really let you die either. Though maybe I should have left you injured." She said simply. Then as Kiyoshi tugged her hand she looked at him and said. "If the test is required to join I will take it." She said simply enough. "I want to be an adventurer. Besides maybe the test will be fun." She said with a smile at the boy.

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3 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:44 am

Domino The right mess. Domino felt more and more eyes on him as he progressed to sit there. Nodding to the patron and then speaking "Thanks again." he said before he felt someone tap his shoulder, he spun around in his chair and he would smile. ""Hmmm? Nosing? I assure you I am simply trying to find out information, can never be too sure about where you might want to move your family into. It would be rather weird if I just moved into a place without getting to know the area, you know?" he looked at the agent and gave the most believable of smiles. "Why, who are you?"
Kiyoshi He wasn’t to sure what Night was talking about when she asked if Nyx put us in a video game. However not that he thought about it they did walked into a reality projector. “Well….its possible since we walked into something that can create this. Its possible that she put us in this…video game that you speak of.” When she said she may know what happened he looked up at her for a few moments. “Well if you know what happens then what is it? Is it something fun or something rather boring?” He asked curious if he could have some fun or not. “We should also try and find Mr. Hatman since if the problem is going to start soon we should have him close by.” Not that he thought they needed him but more that he wanted to see how they reacted. Really this was all a game to him and he wanted to see how everyone reacted and struggled. Even if they didn’t react that much it would he could still see the pain in others.
Night D Griima Night nodded at what Kiyoshi said. "Well please remember it is a theory, though my supporting evidence is a bit strong. I think were currently in Raccoon city, The Raccoon city from Resident Evil. It is a popular horror survival series. What happens here is a virus outbreak that mutates animals and people, ranging from zombies to full blown bio weapons. The government ends up walling off the city, and then Umbrella through it's connections convinces the government to drop a nuke on the city. From the virus to the monsters to the nuke almost no one survives." She said simply. "If I am correct it will start all of this in the North east. So we want to try and head south and get out before the walls go up." She told Kiyoshi.
Night D Griima Meant north west sorry)

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5 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:42 am

Nyx smiled as she watched Night deduced what would happen. Though partially correct what she did not know was that there was a chance for any monster or creature from the series to show up. The random generator in her comp would add varying affects to cause incidents that would be well unpredicatable. Though her and Zen could freely add an enemy here and there. Speaking of Infected and BOW's were now finally starting to show up from the Raccoon Arklay tunnel. "So it begins." She said with a smile. She then saw that at least right now the numbers were predicting the wall would not go up till a while from now (16 rounds) She then turned her attention back to the city. None of the creatures were close to Night and Kiyoshi, nor Domino. Though now just what would the agent do? As she said this the agent shrugged and turned around and was walking away. He wore a black shirt, a trench coat, jeans, boots and sunglasses. "Well if that is the case. Ha you really expect me to buy that load (c)
of croc. However this city is on borrowed time. So lets see if you can crawl out from it." The agent said as he turned back to Domino with a gun and he had it aimed at his knee. He pulled the trigger and pulled out a smoke bomb and dropped it and it went off. So he failed to see if he hit or not as he the agent left the bar. Meanwhile Nyx looked at Zen and asked. "So what do you think thus far?"

Zenith overlooked the land and gazed out at the projector sipping his cup of coffee before answering Nyx. "I must say it's quite interesting looking at this from the other side." he looked around, before choosing to set the cup of coffee down and yawn. "This agent seems to be quite problematic for them doesn't he?" Zenith began to overlook all that was going on. They had enough information to figure out what they were doing there, but not enough to figure out what was going to come after them. 16 rounds, each with varying difficulties. Perhaps he decided to stack a few difficult rounds at the beginning? It would make sense. He slid out of his coat and slung it over his shoulder, revealing the black shirt and slacks he wore underneath. "Let's see how they do. This might turn out to be extremely interesting if they pull something impressive."

Kiyoshi He wasn’t too sure which was was north south or even west so he soon was just starting to spin around. This wouldn’t last to long since he soon got dizzy and almost fell down. To keep his balance he held out his arms until he regained himself. “Well if this place is going to go boomie then we should get out of here!” He looked up at her then started to look around the city again to see if something is going to happen. “Before we leave we should find Mr.hatman, he may be annoying but he may be of use.” He mentioned to her since they should at least try and be a group. He scratched his head then looked back up at Night to see what she would have to say. “If walls are going to come up then I would much rather not be here. It will be like we are in timeout!” He looked worried since he never likes being in time out

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6 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:04 am

Nyx had sensed yet another newcomer. She turned towards the stranger and sensed many odditities with her. She also wondered why she was hiding what she was? She actually found this fox interesting. She nodded at her. "Yes I am, you are welcome to just step into that screen." She motioned towards the projector. Meanwhile the humans around Kiyoshi would collapse from the pain transfer and Matt's attack slayed the zombie. Nyx watched as the barrage of ice magic hit the Tyrant. After the attack which was a total of ten shots the Tyrant actually had ice patches covering it's skin here and there. She was not surprised as half demons often had a large sum of power. The Tyrant R roared and charged at Night moving a bit slower but not by much. It was aiming to impale her with it's claws.

Yuki said no more and without question headed into the screen which was portraying the fight currently. She walked in and was able to tell the two non humans and the odd pirate dressed guy apart rather easily. However her focus would turn towards the Tyrant R. She swiftly dashed to get a good aim. She positioned herself a and saw the red core. It was only partially showing. She held out her left hand and black liquid would appear in a large orb. Her acid orb spell. She aimed and fired it at the core. Hopefully the demon would not get in the way and the orb would hit it's mark. She then cast mage armor as well a light blue aura covering her.

He was rather annoyed that she told him to run since he didn’t want to stop playing. However to him it seemed like he was almost dead weight since he couldn’t do anything to this creature anyway. “fine! I will run but don’t you die! I want to play with you more!” He shouted at Night before he turned around and started to run in the direction he was originally running in. He really didn’t weight for Matt since he figured he was following him. “Mr.sword man! Come one we cant take him on, he is to powerful for us right now!” He shouted this as loud as he could since last time he didn’t hear him and they needed to run.

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7 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:40 am

Nyx watched as they arrived at the police station. The Zombies fell into the hole however for poor Matt the body he sent flying went well rather high. It spun through the air and as they would make a quick pause as pedestrians were now pushing and shoving to get out of the way some falling and being trampled to death getting off the road would be a decent idea. The tyrants body though would soon land on Matt but for some unknown reason not cause damage yet trapped him under it's weight. As the group would talk Two Chimeras would start cutting there way through the crowd. The BOW's were human fly hybrids. However they lacked wings and looked rather unrefined as if a scrapped experiment was what they were. Nyx now wondered what would the group decide? Would they continue to try and beat the walls, or follow this yuki's suggestion? She cared not either way but wanted to see what they would decide. (8 rounds till Walls go up)

Kiyoshi heard what she said and it really didn’t make him feel better at all. He honestly was going to try and let it go since there wasn’t much he could really do about it. “We will talk about it later! Focus on getting out of here!” He shouted at her since he thought this wasn’t the time nor place to explain such things. “We will worry about introductions later since from what I understand we will be in time out then go boom.” He explained to them since he wasn’t sure if they would be able to get out in time or not. Of course when Night said they could fly out could solve some problems but really the other two would be left here. Hearing how they had little time to escape he signed and started to think of what they could do. “Is there any door or gate in the wall? Perhaps something with a flying machine we can use to get out of here? Yes Night can fly but if we all can fly out would be the best.”

"I'm Matt, a mighty pira- I mean, a warrior" The man said, not even panting despite all the running and now even talking. But he was still not keen on following through with long dialogues so he just perked his ears for any interesting keywords. "Underground?" Matt interjected with his own input, raising the drill lance that had re-manifested back in his hand after the spectacle. "I can dig with this thing. I can even break walls with it". He commented, not knowing about the nature of said wall that according to the others, would rise. No questions were raised about morality and responsibility for the people or the zombies. They simply don't register in his head. "Also, if we were meant to get out I'm sur-" His sentence was cut off midway as the giant steel collapsed atop his form. But it dealt no damage, because his plot armor was strong. Now as the new enemies appear, and the time running out, the swordsman got sandwiched between bitumen and tyrant from the chest down, but at least+
Matt^_^ his hands, head and drill lance was outside. "Eh... -_-|||" Matt wasn't sure if he should ask for help or tell them he could handle it. "Give me a little time..." In prone position, the warrior rose his drill and started drilling the floor, careful not to cut his own hand but couldn't prevent the dried tar from hitting his face regardless. -e-

Night heard the suggestions and shrugged. "Both could be good the subway lines would be the better idea since there right there. I know a group from J's bar in the game escaped via the sewers and a bomb placed on the sewer walls, while Barry grabbed Jill. However teh helicopter at the hospital would be suicide. As the hospital is cut off at the moment by the stream of monsters." She said simply. She looked at the Chimeras coming and frowned. She turned to Kiyo and spoke. "The helicopter is a flying machine." She told him simply. But should they not just continue onward? She wanted everyones opinion as the chimera were not to close yet.

(Transform -1/3)

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8 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:42 am

Kiyoshi He listened to what they had to say and it seemed like they were all on the same page. As they head towards the station he heard aloud explosion. Was it already to late or was that something else that was they had to worry about. His question was answered soon when the lights of the city quickly shut off. This really could be a problem for them since that would only make it harder for them to see. With the setting sun as well really didn’t help them either. But Domino would soon begin to glow which only caused him to give Domino a funny look. “I guess we have a nightlight.” He said a loud in hopes to liven the mood a little bit. “Alright Mr.Nightlight lead the way!” He said once they would have actually gotten into the subway

Night D Griima Night was surprised by the explosion and the power outage however the dying light had no affect on her. Her demonic blood granted her darkvision. However Domino started glowing but he was human and would probably need light. She would continue down into the subway not sure what to expect but she sensed danger down below. However she also sensed danger approaching from behind.

Nyx watched with great interest as they descended to the subway, She had added a few beasties of her own here and there. She had let the randomizer decide were they would go. After all there were many ways actually out of the city. One poor Domino had actually missed mostly due to the fact he had glitched. Another was the chopper. Sewers of course and subway. However the randomizer now put them between a rock and well in her eyes basically death. What they would find down in the subway for those with either low light vision or dark vision would be many dead bodies that were pale blue's or light purples suggesting posion. Others with burns much like acid. Any with normal vision and a light source could see this as well if they would get close enough to a body. Death and something akin to sewage permeated the air. Meanwhile screams would be heard from behind up in the streets. Any with good hearing would catch heavy thuds, heavier than the Tyrant R's. On top of that they would catch (c)
Nyxmoon a mechanical like sound as the one behind in the streets was TALOS.(e) (6 rounds)

Yuki Asakura Yuki coughed gagging on the scents in the air. as the power had gone out she was going to ask if anyone had needed light and cast fox fire if they did. However the tattoo man had started glowing. She gave more coughs trying to get her senses under control as the descended the stairs. She saw the bodies and spoke. "I am starting to think this was a bad idea" However as she finished she heard the cries and blinked. She was not sure now as she heard the thuds and the strange sounds accompanying them if back outside was any better.

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9 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:42 am

Yuki ran as soon as she saw Domino shoot fire. Daemon would crawl up her body and go to sleep on her arm as usual. She dived to the floor as she saw a flash of light fill the tunnel. Several rocks hit her from the collapse and the flames rushed over her searing her. Her hat and her piece of cloth that hid her ears and tail would be toasted but would keep her fur save though the damage was bad. translucent white dragon scales would cover her entire body to help protect from more damage. She inhaled and tasted poison chocking. She summoned both Daemon and Mayu back. Mayu she had spread her white scales on her while Daemon bit into her arm delivering antidote to keep the toxin in the air from killing her. However she turned and saw the monster was still whole and was not sure what to do at the moment as she would try and gather her wits in bad shape from the explosion. "How the fuck is it still here?" She cursed while seeing there escape route was now gone.

And just like that, the fire was gone. Domino's body went into complete aftershock. His systems shutting down and fatigue hitting him. If it was one thing females and him both agreed one, it was that he could have a bit more stamina. Seeing not only the destruction of the tunnel but of the others Domino would think long and hard about his next move. Of course he hadn't breathed in awhile, but the toxic gas soon caused him to choke and cough. The heat wasn't bothering him like it should but he was sweating bullets. "Up....." he said quietly. It was a subway, therefore they had to make a hole straight up. Before they were trying to go straight. But now they needed a way to filter out this gas. "Heat rises...." he said between coughs.

Kiyoshi When he said Yuki starting to run away he got confused for a second before he turned around to run away. He wasn’t as fast as her so he would have been hit with a few more rocks and a little bit more flame. He lied for a few minutes before pulling himself up to look at the damage that was done. He saw the tunnel was collapse which was a problem. That would make it almost if not impossible to continue. He didn’t see if it was in pain from his spell or not or was it hurt by any of the spells so he would try now. He would begin transfer the pain from him to the creature in hopes he could see it would be in pain. As he transferred he would notice the green gas that filled the tunnel. He wasn’t sure what this was but so far he felt fine. “What should we do now?” He asked if he wondering wonder what should they do now.

Matt^_^ In his fatigue, or rather, dehydration, the warrior stopped attacking to see what exactly was coming, how with the attacking flames being absorbed like something he had seen before in one of his fights... oh right, self destruct. How convenient. "I should have used the drill..." He commented, in regards to them being in a tunnel and that he would have been able to dig his way out of that, if not with others. Making a tired expression, Matt took whatever little time he had before the impending boom and raised his sword. With a flash, his chainsaw blade was swapped into a peculiar looking broadsword. It was black with white inscriptions in its face, and its blade was designed to look somewhat like a cross. Matt did not try to hide or run. He merely wielded his sword and waited for his possible death, standing in between the explosion and the party... Resurrection will come soon, but it wouldn't make him immune to poison. -e-

Night saw Yuki go to run and she did the same. However she was still closer and the explosion blasted her off her feet the heat not really being the damaging factor for her but the impact and the rubble. Partially buried she coughed up some blood counting some broken ribs and maybe her left arm? Her sword still in her right hand she knew how to get out and how to help her recover faster. A anti flash and she was in her demon state. Her hair white and spikey, her skin obsidian black her orange eyes glowed her voice now a demonic echo filling it. She rose up against the rubble forcing it off of her. The toxic gas had no affect on her but she saw the others, there conditions not good. She saw that the BOW was still alive as well. Worse it did not seem damaged at all. However she remembered that Yukis ice had affected it. She saw Domino and Kiyohsi trying another spell. She stood in front of them taking lead. She would bark out the following orders. "Yuki! Kiyoshi! Grab Domino take him (c)
to the stairs high enough to get out of the toxic gas. But dont go onto the street we dont know if the other BOW is out there still. Yuki however you are keeping yourself ok do the same to Domino keep him alive. I will hold this one off. I think I can defeat it. I will bring Matt's body with me if I can." She said her words echoes as an ice like aura surrounded her blade. She swung it firing Ice barrage her goal to freeze the BOW.(e)

(GM notes if they punch through rough the whole subway will collapse, also toxic gas is purple)

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10 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:56 am

Domino laid there, dormant and as quiet as ever. Being that one of the rocks had hit him right in the head it put him on the brink of unconsciousness. This also was due to the fact that his breathing was becoming increasingly more labored. The toxic poison in the air getting to him. Soon he felt his body lifting, it was almost like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. His savior? Yuki. Though when she picked him up, something inside of him began to churn, the tattoos glowed once more, brighter than the last time. Still conscious, Domino turned upon his luck. Using Luck Draw Something he hadn't used in awhile to turn the chances of a rock big enough to crush the monster in their favor. "I make my own luck..." he said faintly.

Night was glad that they listened to her. The BOW's arms and legs being frozen she had assumed that it would be unable to attack. Well it turned out she was wrong. She saw the acid spray and used ice sabre. She would go to block with her blade hopefully blocking and freezing most of the spray. She knew she would take damage but she needed to buy her allies time. That was all she needed to do. However her pride called for her to destroy this monster. She let loose a demonic roar as she would then release another Ice barrage still aiming at the BOW. "I will send you to hell." She growled. (Transform 2/3)

Nyx continued to watch as Kiyoshi now glitched out and Matt would return. He would be glitched back in at the base of the stairs. Still in the purple toxic gas but away from the battle currently going on. He would also be able to remember Night yelling for the rest to leave and get to safety. Speaking of which this time seven of her ice blast hit and froze the BOW solid, but a rock also fell on her head as more of the roof collapsed. What damage this would do would probably not be much though. However soon the subway would be threatening to collapse Entirely. (1 round till subway collapses)

Yuki pulled Domino up the stairs. Panting a bit she would continue till she had him well out of the gas but not in the street as screams of fear and death rang throughout the city now. She would wait as Daemon got off her arm no longer needing an antidote. "Allright bite and release a small dose. We dont want to kill the human." She said to Daemon. The white snake would slither and bite into Domino's shoulder releasing a small dose of venom. Meanwhile Mayu would rise awake. The butterfly was still in white scale mode and would hover above Domino and scatter the white scales aiming to heal his wounds.

While his body was pulled up the steps and away from the poision, his tattoos still glowed. The effects of the poison wearing off while the snake would pump venom into his body, but soon his body would begin rejecting the venom, although the effects slowly wore off. "I don't need that. Luck is always on my side..." his wounds healed before she could do anything about them, smiling he stood to his feet. Stretching, and then cracking his fists. "Ready to go again?" this time his bright eyes would simply shine a color the same as his tattoos. Blue. There was something different about him, anyone that was around him would feel like they were happy, inspired, calm, and rejuvinated.

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11 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:58 am

Yuki shrugged as Night made a point on the logic end of the front. Though games were not always logical. "Bar is closer, we can head north if it is a bust." She shrugged simply. "Either way we have a shot so I say we take it." She finished.

Domino heard all of the suggestions, he wasn't the most logical thinker. "Have we tried the zoo? I remember a guy telling me that if I wanted information about what was going on we should try going to the Zoo..." he thought about it now. Why would he tell him to go there? "I suppose we can go to the bar, see if he left any clues. But--I'm almost positive I know where the group went."

He would think for a few moments not taking account Night’s announce at going to the hospital. “Well this video games aside if its farther away we ill have to more just to get there.” He pondered for a second before speaking up again. “Well lets try the bar then go for the hospital if it’s a bust.” He would Crawl up the stairs a little bit to see what he could see. Of course with his height he was hoping for not be seen. Looking down he would whisper down to them . “Let’s get a move on, Night you know the best so lead the way.” He looked down at them to see if their reactions of what he said.

So the bar it was. Night nodded and would not hesitate. She walked slowly up keeping low. She saw the zombies in teh street and took some time to think. She would reach into her pouch and grab a basic grape shot bomb. She would toss it over to the other side of the street. She would let it go off hoping the explosion would attract the creatures attention. If it did she would motion for the other to follow her and she would go left. She would then turn left again to take an alley.The alley would lead to a street they would need to cross and follow a road, from there they could take and follow alleys heading west to get to there destination. Just hopefully not much trouble lay between them and the bar.

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12 Re: Guild Reborn Midnight Horizon on Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:51 am

Yuki gave a sigh of relief. The fight was over. She would head to the bar as well having seen the injured devil girl go in during the fight. She had seen her though get a subway dropped on her and get slammed into a building via a snake head. So Yuki was not really holding anything against her. She would walk in and sit at the bar. "Wonder if they have sake?" She murmured to herself searching the shelves.

Domino was surprised. When did he learn to use wind? It was one of those spur of the moment things, he would look at his hands, his tattoos glowing while he chuckled to himself. "As if today couldn't get any better." there was definitely some luck going on there. Watching as more and more people filed into the bar he would follow suit, going inside and taking a bottle of vodka from the shelf he would drink some, then he'd breathe out heavily. "Ahhh---so much better..." he would look back to the snakes. "I wonder if we could ea----nevermind." he looked to Night. "Whatcha got there?"

Kiyoshi HE saw the snake die as soon as he was about to cast the spell. Luckly enough he could stop it so he didn’t have to waist his time casting it. Turning towards the bar he would walk into it to look around to see what went on. It looked like there was nothing here so they could reset a bit. He would walk over to a chair and plop himself down to rest for a bit. “Now that is over what else do we have to expect? Tell me we don’t have to fight any more of those walking dead!” he would dread the fact if he did have to fight more of those things that he cant do anything to.

Night came out to the and would sit down. She winced as her ribs were still bruised. She would take another drink from her rum as she heard Domino ask what she had. "Well I have Malibu banana rum. If you mean this though?" She asked holding up the small key. "It seems to be a spare key. Hopefully to the passage that will lead us out of this hell." She said simply. She would take another drink and say. "I will let you all look. No offense but I have dealt with the last few big threats. The Snakes were not bad but add it on to having already been slammed into one building and a subway tunnel collapsing on top of me. Well eventually the toll adds up." She said honestly.

Nyx watched as they all took a rest. She smiled as next they needed to find the passage, and from there get out. The sewers were connected to a random dungeon generator. The monsters would still be Resident Evil. However the layout would be random.

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